Specialty Foods

Balsamic Vinegar Caviar

Di Augusto

Brand: Di Augusto

Format/Size: glass jar. Net Wt 5.82 oz.(165g) 

The origin of balsamic- and vinegar-caviar are known from star kitchen and gourmet cuisine. The product “ enclosed” in a thin membrane and filled with fine balsamic vinegar provides the bursting in the mouth for a tasty explosion. With “balsamic caviar” on your dishes, you may create many opportunities Moreover balsamic caviar provides for all cooking enthusiasts a plethora of uses. Salads, carpaccio, mozzarella and any meat or fish dishes are happy for the addition of balsamic caviar.

Visually decorative and taste emphasizes the enjoyment of your food and spoil your eyes and taste buds simultaneously.

Bursting with savory flavor, our Balsamic Caviar adds a unique touch of gourmet appeal to your dining events.

Top crispy crackers and aged cheeses with a tiny dollop of this delightful accent or add it to meat and fish dishes for an unsurpassed dose of palate-pleasing intrigue.

Our Balsamic White Caviar adds an explosion of flavor to your favorite dishes.



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