What makes us different?

At Italian Fine Foods LLC in-house Laboratory our team of experts analyzes and runs tests on each olive oil batch that enters and exits our facilities to comply with internal quality and originality controls. We study olive oil most important components and parameters such as:


One of the reason why our Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP are so fresh is our storage method. Since storage plays a key role in preserving the inherent properties of exceptional Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar products, our stainless steel tanks are oxygen and temperature controlled (18°C / 65°F) under the perfect light regulation in order to avoid deterioration and enhance preservation.

Our production plant and storage unit is strategically located in the Miami - Doral logistics district, close to the Miami Port and Miami International Airport (MIA). Italian Fine Foods LLC storage space is listed under the United States Department of Health and has been FDA-approved. 

Italian Fine Foods LLC holds a state of the art bottling equipment with inline automatic capabilities that efficiently fill custom made labeled, capped and finished goods, as well as the automatic bottling line, which is ideal for cans, dispensers, PET and miniatures.

Our bottling services is an added value for our customers; we store products on reliable and temperature-controlled warehouses and stainless steel tanks.

Our Olive Oil Sommelier, Claudio Vignoli, travels constantly around the world selecting every batch of olive oil and only buys from realiable producers who are committed to Quality and Genuinity. Claudio tastes and evaluates each olive oil batch that reaches the factory showing his commitment, deep knowledge and love for the olive tree and its fruit.

Italian Fine Foods LLC has the unique offering of crafting Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar blends either in small quantities or bulk. Thanks to our state of the art storage and bottling facility and laboratory, we can control temperatures to blend and test products in order to come up with special combinations made of only the finest and most exclusive ingredients form all around the world.

After travelling to find international brands of high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Aged Italian Balsamic Vinegars IGP directly from local producers and growers from countries like Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Chile or Argentina, our olive Oil Sommelier brings them back to our facilities in Miami for your convenience and enjoyment, giving you the chance to buy directly from international producers and growers an easy and affordable process for everyone. Our long standing story and built relationships during so many trips for personally meeting and understanding local products, gives us the trust and reputation you deserve!