About us

Italian Fine Foods LLC, through the brand Di Augusto, is an international leading company that offers solutions and services for Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegars and Gourmet Foods industry enthusiasts. Our wide array of services ranges from bottling, to testing and creating private labels for special occasions.

Enjoying and sharing fine flavors with the world has never been easier and that affordable! 

Who we are

We are a Group with integrated operations based in Italy, U.S. and South America. We own an Olive Grove and Mill in Italy (Marche region) and one in Argentina (Mendoza). 

The U.S. Operations are divided in 3 main categories:

Our manufacturing, storage and sales facilities provide a bridge between foreign growers and producers to introduce and market authentic high quality gourmet products to the American continent and the Caribbean. We collaborate closely with consumers to satisfy and exceed our customers’ expectations while aiming to establish a profound culture and affection for authentic Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. 

All of our brands and products have been carefully chosen for its own uniqueness and quality. Besides authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Aged Italian Balsamic Vinegars you can also find an exclusive assortment of artisan chocolates, spreads, appetizers, olives, pasta, italian frozen desserts and nougats. We hope you enjoy Di Augusto’s delightful selection!

Who is Augusto?

He is primarily an olive grower and producer with operations in Italy (Marche region) and South America (Mendoza, Argentina). He has been serving the Olive Oil industry for over 25 years as a olive grower, expert, consultant, olive oil producer, broker and Sommelier.

Food is Augusto's lifelong passion, a passion that has led him on an epic journey. Over the last three decades, Augusto has travelled nearly every corner of the world, meeting growers and producers of gourmet products and ingredients, always bringing his experiences back to share with his loved ones. Augusto's story is one of exploration and discovery, and of emotions, friends and flavors he unearths along the way, culminating in the brand that bears his name.....

As Augusto himself says:

"Flavors bring us back to happy times; to moments and places filled with new and old friends - for me, these are the flavors of life".