Our Story

Claudio Vignoli has serviced international brands across Europe and America throughout his 20 years in the olive oil industry during which he has served as a consultant in the production, storage, bottling, purchasing, quality control and distribution of olive oil. He is recognized by the IOOC as one of the premier authorities in the industry. He is an International broker and works for the major olive oil brands in the world.

It’s no surprise that when two of the most forward-thinking entrepreneurs in the olive oil industry get together, a truly unique blend of business solutions emerges. Italian Fine Foods LLC is the brainchild of Claudio Vignoli, certified olive oil sommelier, and Augusto Vignoli, world traveler, and fine dining enthusiast.

As more and more Europeans and Latin Americans rushed to invest and relocate to Miami, Claudio saw a European flair with an appetite for fine cuisine. Miami Olive Oil is a unique concept that opens new markets for growers and producers, bringing unique and authentic brands of extra virgin olive oil, aged Italian balsamic vinegar of Modena and Mediterranean food delicacies right to Miami, and to consumers the world over.


“...has many interests, among which the love for travelling and for making new discoveries ....”
 and it is also part of what my teachers wrote in my grade school report card.


I believe there is no better way to describe my nature and my personality, as the desire to discover the world and to learn new things has always been a faithful companion of mine, until the present day... perhaps it was precisely this deep-seated desire that made me decide, when I turned 18, to undertake the career of airline pilot; this was my first professional experience, until the day I decided to change my route and follow another one of the passions that had been growing inside of me....business!

During the buying and selling, I would feel a shot of adrenalin, and this is what pushed me to completely dedicate myself to all that was commerce and marketing.

My first two professional experiences in the marketing area were in the oil industry sector; then, by pure chance, I found myself in the world of olive oil, a world that deeply touched my heart ....

When I started - it was 1997 - I knew nothing about olives and oil. All I knew was that an olive could be either green or black, otherwise they were all the same to me. I used to buy olive oil at the supermarket by looking at the price only, always taking advantage of any special offers. It was only with the passing of time that I learned that there are more than 2000 varieties of olives, and that olive oil is not all the same. 

Many things have changed since then: after 20 years of hard work and long trips around the world, I have gained experience that, combined with my great passion for the "liquid gold", have made it possible for me to be considered almost an "expert" today in all areas of the olive oil industry.

I have been a pioneer in promoting olive oil on markets where there traditionally was no great know-how and significant consumption (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, California, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina), and which today have become both manufacturers and consumers of this exceptional product...

The personal and professional challenge that I have set for myself is to promote the consumption of olive oil and enhance the awareness of consumers located in Florida, Central America and the Caribbean, so that they can take advantage of higher quality olive oils at accessible prices, always offering the best products and, most importantly, unadulterated extra-virgin olive oils and original balsamic vinegar from Modena.

I hope that everyone has a nice journey in this life!  

Claudio Vignoli

Co-Owner, Mastermiller & Olive Oil Sommelier