Our Di Augusto Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil brand comes from Italy and Spain. Its olives are first and cold pressed to give live to an authentic extra virgin flavor. Augusto is a renowned olive grower and Extra Virgin Olive Oil producer with international operations in Italy and Argentina.

Food is Augusto's lifelong passion. As Augusto himself says: "Flavors bring us back to happy times; to moments and places filled with new and old friends for me - for me, this are the flavors of life".  

Augusto's story of exploration and discovery is culminated in the brand that bears his name. Over the last three decades, he traveled nearly every corner of the world, meeting growers and producers of gourmet products and ingredients.

This product is genuine, authentic extra virgin, first Press, cold pressed, contains very low acidity levels, rich in antioxidants. Premium quality oil like this should be paired with grilled meats, legumes, salads, fish, etc.